Welcoming Everly Jett to the World

Pregnancy lasts forever, ask any pregnant lady at 40 weeks and she will say the same. You try to remain calm, after all you read about how being relaxed can bring on labour, but it’s easier said than done when your due date has come and gone and here you are, still pregnant.

I got to 40 weeks and 6 days and my mood was absolutely horrific. By then i’d had two sweeps that I assumed were failures and I would end up getting induced, something I was terrified of after hearing so much about how induced labours were more painful than spontaneous.

2am, July 5th and I wake up needing the toilet. I roll over to get out of bed and stand up only to feel fluid go all over my legs and make a nice puddle on the floor. Oh my god. Have I actually just wet myself in the middle of the night?!
I waddled to the bathroom and it dawned on me that this wasn’t me wetting myself, this was my waters. I sorted myself out and woke Shaun up, we phoned the hospital to let them know and they said to go in at 9am unless contractions started and had got to 3 minutes apart and painful.
Contractions started at roughly 6am, Lillith went to her grandparents, contractions got closer and stronger, I was starting to struggle handling them on my own so at 7.30am we phoned again and thankfully they said we could head there straight away.
We got there at about 8.20am, got shown to the room we would be having our little girl and sat down. Between contractions we answered the questions our midwife was asking and I was given gas and air, the relief just from that was incredible.
I got to a point I wanted to get on the bed and start getting comfortable and ready to give birth, maybe this was some sort of instinct and my body knew what was to come, because almost as soon as I was on that bed the need to push came on strong. My leggings were stripped off and the “adult nappy” I had on to save said leggings from getting soaked in waters was torn off, it was definitely time to have this baby!

It was now 9am, I was pushing and the midwife was monitoring her heart rate, there was concern over how low it was getting and another midwife was brought in to check and advise on what to do from there. Except there was no time to do anything because she was coming out and not waiting for anyone or anything.
There was also concern that I might tear, there was talk about an episiotomy being done, again, didn’t happen because there was no time. That was discussed and in the next push she came out, no tears or cuts, just a few grazes and bruises.

9.21am, Everly Jett is in my arms and just absolutely perfect.
Our family now has 4 members and I am so proud and extremely in love.


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